How does using an online platform like IIMPROVE help you in JEE Mains exam preparation?

Objective & Personalized Evaluation

The online preparation mode helps in creating and administering personalized evaluation for each and every candidate. The system provides one-on-one approach to the areas of your strength, weakness and improving your focus and stamina to attempt competition exams.

Data-Rich Test Results

Valid measurement is possible only with the availability of reliable data. The conventional methods of paper-exam evaluation provide only the basic information required for very simplistic analysis (question number, response and the answer key) and are constricting. The technology-based test delivery provides a rich array of data, including start and end time, break durations, time spent on each question / group / section, grouping the topics based on difficulty faced during analysis, time spent on easy and difficult questions, real time spent on question vs ideal time, bookmarking of questions for review, graphical analysis of data etc. These tests record all interim answers through a process known as keystroke capture. While this is a very resource-intensive means of delivery, it is a valuable tool for assessing the candidate as well as the test behaviour.

Engaging Navigation and Presentation

Online tests can be presented in several manners within a linear test: sequentially throughout the test, sequentially within sections that are randomly selected, and randomly within sections that are, in turn, randomly presented. Hence, it is always a “unique” testing experience from one candidate to the next and one instance to the other.

Consistency and Reliability

Timings are consistently and rigidly controlled and every candidate has exactly the same amount of standardized time available. Any required reference materials or other test aides can be incorporated directly into the test, eliminating paper exhibits that are difficult to manage and can be lost or damaged.

Why take the Computer Based Examination ( CBE ) for JEE Mains?

  • You can review or re-answer any question at any point of time during the test.
  • Most importantly, you can change the option of answerswhile giving the exam in the computer based examination format.
  • If you are unsure, you have the choice to highlight any answer for review at later stage during the examination.
  • You get a colour coded summary for a quick and differentiated understanding of your progress so far. A panel on your computer screen shows the status for all the questions in different colour scheme, such as:
    Not Visited
    ( White Colour Block )

    Visited but Not answered
    ( Red Colour Block )

    ( Green Colour Block )

    Not answered but Marked for review
    ( Light Purple Colour Block )

    Answered but Marked for review
    ( Light Purple Colour Block with Green tick mark )

  • You get the flexibility. On the basis of your preparation and availability, you can in choose date and time for the exam.
  • It is also cheaper! A straight saving of Rs. 500 in the exam fee, as compared to Pen / Paper mode.
  • Data suggests highly reduced chances of errors when questions are presented on the screen, one at a time. This allows the candidate to focus better on each individual test question.
  • The overall presentation of question paper is engaging and ensures better comprehension with variety of graphics and images.
  • Online tests are time saving as you cleanly save on all that bubbling time (marking the bubbles in OMR sheet). Answers can be marked in one simple click. (It takes approx. 1 second to mark an answer on the Computer Based test and move to the next question as compared to 2 - 3 seconds on the Pen and paper based mode, which gives an additional time of 1.5 to 3 minutes to the candidate. Every second counts!)
  • CBEs are usually conducted in AC halls with comfortable & adjustable chairs, which is a huge comfort when you’re under all the pressure in the scorching heat of summers in April. They are also far less crowded – both in terms of the candidates and their parents crowding and adding to the stress.
  • OMR error(s) are reduced and even eliminated with the luxury of having the option to change the answers untill the last minute. With the pen and paper, the margin of error is wider as once if an answer is marked wrong, there is likeliness of the whole series going wrong – leading to a massive negative score(image reference)
  • The chance of missing a question is also reduced since all the questions are atleast attempted or glanced over once.
  • Reduced delays caused by physical/human distribution of question paper, such as last roll numbers receiving it late or the first benchers' answer sheet being snatched earlier than the others. Everybody gets equal time, both in beginning and the end
  • No question of OMR damage. With CBE, you can be assured that the answers you have marked are safe and recorded
  • All it needs is the basic motor skill of handling a mouse and clicking it. CBEs do not require any detailed technical knowledge of computers.

Can I still skip questions and return to them later to answer or review again?

Yes. You can move through the test paper just as you would with a paper based exam.

On the toolbar menu, you will find an icon labelled “View” with a picture of a magnifying glass. This button allows you to see a list of all the questions on the exam with the status. If you have answered any questions, the number will have an “A” printed next to them. If you have skipped it, moved and left it unanswered, it will have a “U” printed next to it. You can also tag any question – whether you have answered it or not - in order to highlight and remember to return to it later for review. The “TAG” icon is also there on the toolbar menu, with a yellow checkmark.